Novation X-Station Both a Synthesizer and MIDI Controller

Novation Remote 25 Audio MIDI Controller and SynthesizerThe new Novation X-STATION combines a Novation-class Synthesizer, an audio solution, MIDI remote controller, MIDI interface and a multi-effects processor. It provides an all-in-one mobile solution that can be powered from USB or batteries.

Keyboard Available in Three Sizes

The keyboard employs a premium-class mechanism with semi-weighted keys and aftertouch. Aftertouch, a joystick and the assignable X/Y touch pad controller provide extra dimensions of expression for your performances. The X-STATION comes in three sizes: 25, 49 and 61 keys – giving you a choice of ultimately portable or plenty of keys! All models may be run off batteries, power supply or USB*.

Audio and MIDI Solution

X-STATION includes a fully featured audio interface with two phantom-powered, hi-quality converters, two Neutrik™ combined XLR and jack sockets, digital S/PDIF out, and much more. Dedicated headphone and monitoring connections with separate controls even allow you to work without a mixer. The onboard DSP effects processor provides instant, zero-latency multi-effects for monitoring or recording applications. Each audio channel has its own effects chain. You can even record audio with effects on one channel – and use the synthesizer on the second at the same time.

The X-STATION also has a built in MIDI Interface on board, allowing you to integrate external MIDI Gear as well.

Hardware Synth

A fully featured NOVATION-class hardware synthesizer also runs on the unique X-STATION hardware thanks to its powerful DSP processor. The 3-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer is based on the renowned Novation KS-series and is 8-voice polyphonic. The extensive control interface provides instant access to all key parameters, making it ideal for live performances.

The synthesizer is fully integrated: The stereo audio output is sent straight through the USB cable onto the track in your sequencer via ASIO.

DSP Effects

X-STATION provides two channels of onboard multi-effects. Up to six effects may be used simultaneously on each channel. The palette includes Chorus, Delay, Reverb Distortion, EQ and even a Compressor. The effects can be routed for monitoring only (like giving the singer some Reverb while recording) or for recording as well (e.g. recording a guitar with Chorus).

Thanks to the unique design, synthesizer and effects for incoming audio can even be used at the same time.

Direct Remote

X-Station offers a total of 55 assignable physical controls, including 3 Encoders, 16 pots, 9 sliders and 22 buttons. And that doesn’t include the dedicated controls in the Audio section. A template can have up to a massive 150 virtual controls in total using the shift functions!

Simplified Wiring

X-STATION only needs one for everything – the USB cable. That’s it. Even power is provided via USB* or batteries whenever desired! So if you really want to make your recordings on the beach – take your laptop, X-STATION and enjoy the sun as inspiration. But don’t say we didn’t warn you about the sun-burn and the sand all over your gear!

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