Cherry Bikini: Remixed & Raunchy

Cherry Bikini RemixedThe kings of kinky electro-pop are back with a new release: Remixed – a diverse collection of remixes by underground DJs and producers.

Remixed offers the listener tracks that are generally raunchier and more complex than the dreamy electro-pop of the duo’s previous release, Dream Days.

The final result is a varied, infectuous electro-dance album, on which Sophie Boscallini’s sometimes x-rated lyrics are set against strong beats, stronger hooks, and hauntingly beautiful melodies.

From the elaborate Mongolian folk music elements of DJ Ulaan’s remix of Trip With Me, to the 100% pure sextronica of the Night Train to Paris remix of the duo’s most infamous sextronica hit Just Fuck Me, to the hyper trip-hop grooves of The Smokehouse Style Kings’ take on Feverish Days, this is a very diverse disc. Complementing the above tracks and others are the grinding funk of Chris Rubix’ electro mix of Fuck Me Again and a piano ballad version of Violent Love.

The CD is currently available for purchase through the Cherry Bikini website.

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