CME Adds FireWire Option for Keyboard Controllers

CME, in conjunction with Terratec, has announced the mLAN-enabled UF400e FireWire audio expansion board for UF series MIDI/USB keyboard controllers.

With the UF400e, CME UF series become the world’s first mLAN compatible MIDI/USB keyboard controllers. Through a single FireWire interface, these keyboard controllers can be connected with Yamaha digital mixers, synthesizers, audio work stations and all mLAN compatible devices by other manufacturers, and the MIDI and audio signal flow between these devices may be routed freely without reconfiguring cable connections. With mLAN-enabled UF400e, a UF series keyboard controller can bear the responsibility of being the master keyboard of a recording studio.


  • 2 High quality 24bit/192kHz line input
  • 2 High quality 24bit/192kHz line output
  • 1 Mic in with professional preamp
  • 1 guitar Hi-z input
  • 1 IEEE1394 FireWire interface
  • 1 S/PDIF digital I/O
  • 2 high quality headphone output
  • 1 MIDI OUT port
  • 1 MIDI IN port
  • 1 MIDI THRU port
  • 1 headphone volume control

*Specification are subject to change without notice

UF400e expansion board will be available June 15th at a price of $249.00.

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