SM Pro Audio A08 Analog to ADAT Converter Ships

ADAT converterSM Pro Audio is now shipping the new A08 8 channel analog to ADAT A/D format converter in the US through it’s distribution partner Kaysound Imports.

The A08 is a compact high quality half rack sized 8 channel analog to ADAT format converter. With 8 analog inputs and one ADAT output interface, the A08 is well-suited for use in all kinds of studio setups. Whether you’re working with I/O cards, digital mixers or digital musical instruments – the A08 converts your analog data reliably and professionally to an 8 channel digital ADAT format stream with absolute fidelity.

“The A08 is an easy and inexpensive way to add 8 more high quality inputs to many of the most popular interfaces on the market such as the Digidesign 001 or 002, M-Audio Firewire 1814, or Yamaha digital mixers,” states Mark Kalisky, President of Kaysound Imports. “This is a ‘must have’ for any soundcard, computer IO, or digital mixer owner who has an ADAT input on their device.”

Tailored to suit a wide variety of applications, the A08 is perfectly suited to add additional inputs to any ADAT compatible device. More information on the A08 can be found at

  • 8 x ¼” analog line inputs
  • 1 x ADAT output interface
  • Delta-sigma 24-bit / 96 kHz A/D converter
  • Ultra-compact construction
  • Low noise, wide bandwidth and superior transient response

The A08 is now available for an estimated street price of $149 USD.

For additional information on the full SM Pro Audio product catalog or the new release products on offer, please visit the SM Pro Audio website at

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