Violet Audio Announces ADP61 24bit 192kHz Studio AV Preamp Decoder

violet preampViolet Audio, makers of high-end audio gear, has announced the US launch of their new ADP61 24bit 192kHz Studio AV Preamp Decoder.

The new Violet Audio ADP61 Studio AV Preamp/Decoder is a “digital control hub” for professional and project studios, home theatres, and permanent installations. With a multitude of analog, digital, and S-Video inputs, the ADP61 allows remote control selection of both visual and audio signals for a wide range of source material.

“With active monitors being used more and more there was a great need for a simple all in one control unit that didn’t have a power amp built in,” said John Fuller, Product Manager for Violet Audio. “The ADP61 fills that need”.

ADP61 is designed to be perfect when used as the main control hub bridging all audio and video connections together while offering a simple yet powerful monitoring control solution. It is also great for the mixer-less DAW (digital audio workstation) studio.

The ADP61 allows monitoring and decoding for all signals from stereo to 6.1 surround audio. With balanced XLR outputs and an infra-red remote control it’s simple to monitor any connected devices such as CD, Video, DVD, TV, with ease and listen through active monitors. Decoding is provided for digitally connected devices compatible with Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS, DTS ES, DTS ES Matrix, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo, and more.

The ADP61 connections:

  • 1 x Balanced XLR stereo input
  • 5 x Balanced (25pin multi-channel 5.1 input)
  • 1 x 5.1 unbalanced input
  • 1 x AES EBU digital input
  • 1 x Coaxial digital input
  • 1 x Optical digital input
  • 6 x stereo unbalanced inputs
  • 4 x S-Video inputs
  • 7 x XLR Balanced outputs (6.1)

MSRP $1495 USD.

More information is available at the Violet Audio site.

One thought on “Violet Audio Announces ADP61 24bit 192kHz Studio AV Preamp Decoder

  1. Hello ,

    I am using the Violet in combination with an Niko Alpha VI amplifier 2 x 300 Watts.
    The speakers are the CLS 2 electrostatic´s from Martin Logan with a sub from B&W type ASW 4000.

    The sound is realy amazing……..
    The Violet pre-amp is a very solid deveice with an incredable pure and professional sound.
    Because this brand was not known by myself I bought it recently in mint condition second hand and did a very good job to hook it on to my Nikko amp.

    As I mentioned the results are overwelmingly great and all the CD´s are worthwile playing again because of the fantastic sound quality of this pre-amp , love it.

    If you could get a Violet pre-amp , just by it and you will be surpriced about the performance of this great develped device.

    Enjoy your music,


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