DIY Minimoog

Ever wish you could had a Minimoog, but don’t want to shell out the extreme dollars that new Voyagers go for, or that classic Minimoogs go for on eBay?

If you’re into synth DIY, you might consider building your own Minimoog. This site has details on a Minimoog diy project.

DIY MiniMoog

“After playing on many different synths and copying several designs. I decided that I had to have a minimoog…

Unfortunately the cost of a second hand minimoog is anything between £1000-£2000 depending on age and condition. So the only choice I have is to look at doing my own copy with the aim of keeping the circuits and design as original as possible.”

Schematics are available at the Fantasy Jack Palance site, which has a wealth of MiniMoog info available.

The design is broken down into 6 boards:

  • Oscillator range/tune PCB, probably with octave buffers as well
  • VCO PCB – this will be the early transistor based circuit, but with the tempcos actually resting on the expo pair.
  • Noise/mixer/power supply PCB
  • Filter PCB
  • EG PCB
  • VCA/output PCB

Schematics are available on the site, for other adventurous DIY’ers.

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