Mawzer – First Modular MIDI Controller

mawzer midi control surfaceThe Mawzer is a new music controller described as the only MIDI controller on the market allowing an infinite customizable combination of controls.

The Mawzer design applies the concept of modular construction to MIDI controllers, letting you mix and match modules to meet your needs. From the Mawzer site, it appears that the company is targetting DJs.


  • 32 modules slots (ex 128 pots max !!)
  • 8 different modules to choose from
  • MIDI and USB connections
  • MTC and midiclock generation
  • Large LCD display
  • Integrated universal power supply
  • Any module combination will work

Preliminary Pricing

  • MAWZER empty box with 32 module slots : 650 euros
  • Modules POT, FAD, BUT, XFD : 30 euros
  • Modules ENC, KBD, VUM : 35 euros
  • Module TCH : 40 euros

More information is available at the Mawzer site.

2 thoughts on “Mawzer – First Modular MIDI Controller

  1. Can you DIY your own modules and integrate them with the rest of the controller? That would be the “killer app”, as it were, of this design (and possibly allow me to justify spending >$850 on a MIDI controller). Otherwise those Behringer CMD devices seem like way more bang for your buck (or euro, as the case may be).

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