MCX16 MIDI Interface

MDX16The MCX16 is a MIDI-CV converter that is available assembled or as a DIY kit. It provides a total of 16 outputs – 8 gates & 8 CV’s .

The DIY kit assembly time is estimated at 3 to 3.5 hours. The kit is a mix of SMT and hole-mounted components.


  • 16 channels, configured as 8CV, and 8 Gate, assignable CC/Note/Gate/Velocy/Mod,Bend, etc.
  • 1 DIN Sync port.
  • High quality converter.
  • Designed primary for modular systems but controls any synthesiser
  • Useful for many other applications, stage light, robotics, tempo controlled.
  • Quick response times to CC changes.
  • Schematics included.
  • Accurate 12bit DAC for each CV channel, with internal precision reference.
  • Gates generates 0 to +5V as standard, can be updated with a ULN2803 to control up to +50V.
  • Gates can behave as programmable midi syncable clocking nets with adjustable rate.
  • LED?€™s for active MIDI and DIN clock on display board.
  • Low-power design, +/-12 to +/-16V.
  • Physically small, requires very little real estate into any modular or mono syntheziser.
  • Very easy user interface, no endless paging up and down in LCD menus.
  • DIN sync, Start/Stop and Clock signals, invertable.
  • DIN sync has selectable clock rates.
  • Use any jacks size
  • Can drive weird synths like EML (1,2V), Moog Source (0,98V), etc.
  • Trimless design, physically small hardware.
  • Very few components, only one +8,000V calibration to do.
  • 4 DAC channels has zipper step smoothing on controller board, user defined RC rates by hardware.
  • 4 System program setups available for instant recall.
  • MCX16 is a universal converter, can run stand alone without any display and buttons.

Details and a comparison chart are available at the MCX16 project page.

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