Get A Free VST Sampler!


Nexoft’s LoopAZoid is a free tool for playing one-shot samples in your songs.

One instance holds up to 48 different samples, which can be freely assigned to up to 96 different MIDI notes – two each, for forward & reverse playback. Each of the 48 sample channels has a pre-defined MIDI note attached; triggering these in your sequencer plays the associated sample.

Building sample kits in LoopAZoid is easy and fast. LoopAZoid can handle stereo and mono samples and play them back with up to 64 voices, while each sample can be played fully polyphonic.

LoopAZoid makes handling samples and kits as easy as possible: all loaded samples are stored as file references within your song. Samples do not have to be within a certain directory to be used together, so you could easily build you own disk hierarchy and have the sampler take care where your samples are.

The software is available as Mac or PC VST.

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