Raymond Scott’s Musica Para La Intimidad

Jeff Winner of the Raymond Scott blog has a mission: to rid the world of Musica Para La Intimidad – an album that is apparently a blot on the electronic music pioneer’s name:

We have “previously warned about the dangers of a stunningly boring album recorded by Raymond Scott in 1957, and subsequently issued under three titles in the US. It’s my duty to further caution collectors who value their time and/or ears: a fourth pressing of this dreary record was released in 1966 by the Spanish label Orlador, under the title MUSICA PARA LA INTIMIDAD.

I would have guessed this means “Music For Intimacy,” but according to at least one Google translator, it’s “Music For Privacy.”

Had RS kept the recording private, the world would be a better place. Not even a sexy chica displaying her color-coordinated pants, shoes, and upholstery can make this lackluster album worth purchasing.

If you see this record, run away. If you’re unfortunate enough to already own a copy (under any of its titles), please smash it with a hammer into a thousand little pieces, place the debris into a Ziploc baggie, and send it to me or Irwin; we will incinerate all copies at a public bonfire in Texas on September 9th at midnight. Location TBA. Consider this a WANTED poster.”

A recommendation like this makes the album seem nearly irresistible, doesn’t it?

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