691 Free Drum Samples, 10 Free Drum Kits From Yamaha Rm1x

Free Drum Samples4D Records has released Part 2 of the Yamaha Rm1x Retro Drumkits Collection, which means: 10 more classic drumkits which include 691 high quality 16bit WAV one-shot samples.

The styles of the drumkits included are now: HouseKit, TechnoKit, SynthKit, AcidKit, JazzKit and more.

The size is 52 MB compressed and 120 MB decompressed.


  • Release: 691 Yamaha Rm1x Retro Drumkit Sounds – Part 2
  • Content: 10 Drumkits / 691 Samples
  • Format: 16bit WAV / CD quality
  • Size: 52 MB compressed / 120 MB decompressed
  • Download: rm1x_part2_10dks_691wavs.zip

Last time 4D released a collection like this, Synthtopia readers pretty much took out 4D’s server, downloading the huge free sample library. They’ve fixed that issue and moved the file hosting to the Internet Archive, so check this out and let us know what you think!

Get Part 1 of the collection here.

3 thoughts on “691 Free Drum Samples, 10 Free Drum Kits From Yamaha Rm1x

  1. At first I thought "repeation" but now that I read the article and looked at the file name I realized my mistake. Part of your master plan to reduce downloads no doubt 🙂

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