Audio Damage Filterstation Overview

This is a quick video demo of Audio Damage Filterstation – the Audio Damage take on the classic serial/parallel/stereo dual filter topology made famous by the Sherman Filterbank and its many clones.


  • Twelve different filter algorithms, including two all-new MS20 emulations and our classic 914 bandpass and Filterpod lowpass models.
  • VCA mode for tremolo and gate effects.
  • LFO with twelve different patterns, and both internal and tempo sync modes.
  • Envelope follower for dynamic control of filter frequency.
  • Serial, parallel, and true stereo operating modes.
  • Sidechain input for external signal to envelope follower. (VST3 only.)
  • Easy-to use interface for quick programming.
Filterstation for Windows and Mac (VST3/VST2/AU) is now available for US $49. See the Audio Damage site for audio demos.

4 thoughts on “Audio Damage Filterstation Overview

  1. Audio Damage’s filter designs I am pretty sure are far superior to the competent Ableton auto-filter, all their products have remarkable quality and functionality. I don’t have it yet, but I’m sure will check it out.

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