9 thoughts on “Synth Panels, Overlays, Skins & Graphics

  1. Three Wave Music in New Jersey is currently installing my Kiwi-106 board and this Synthgraphics panel. After watching this video, I can’t wait to get it back. Really great looking overlay!

  2. i started doing templates and ran up against the same issue – scaling and demand

    it just was not worth it to produce a quality product and the demand was not there
    overlays are cheaper and there are many companies already doing it

    1. Maybe you should try Lasergist.com – apparently lots of people order custom synth panels from us and most of them say that pricing is quite good.

  3. Very nice, might be even nicer if the application method was *magnetic* as opposed to adhesive. Ive often thought of skinning my orange microwave xt to a shadow edition this way some day, just never have the time to investigate further.

    1. If you bothered to watch the video, he explains why using magnets isn’t an option. The necessary thickness of a magnetic overlay would cause the sliders to grind.

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