Moog Intros Eurorack Modular Synth Case & Rack Stands


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Moog Music yesterday made the official introduction of the Mother 32 semi-modular analog synthesizer.

But they also quietly introduced several new products that will be of interest to Eurorack synth users.

The Moog 60 HP Eurorack Case, above, is an extruded aluminum Eurorack case, with wood sides (no modules included).

Up to 1.9” module depth. Requires separate Eurorack power module for use.

It’s available now for US $99.


The Two-Tier Rack Stand lets you mount two Mother-32 synthesizers vertically, as shown above. It also is compatible with Moog’s 60HP Moog Eurorack cases.

It’s available for US $59.


A Three-Tier Rack Kit, shown below with three Mother 32 synthesizers, is available for US $79. It is also compatible with Moog’s new 60HP rack cases.

Finally, Moog is now also selling Eurorack patch cable sets in two sizes.

11 thoughts on “Moog Intros Eurorack Modular Synth Case & Rack Stands

    1. The Mother 32 comes in a case, but it can be removed from the case and mounted in other standard Euro cases.

      Moog’s Steve Dunnington covers this in our video with him from Knobcon:

    1. The Moog Mother-32 Eurorack case can only hold the Mother-32.

      Moog does make other cases that can be used to mount the Mother 32 in a wider case or to be used with the traditional 3U Eurorack modules. They also have the hardware to put two or three of the racks together. They make 60 and 104 HP cases.

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