Shape Synth 4 Updated With Ableton Link, Expanded Synthesis Capabilities

Developer Erik Sigth has released Shape Synth 4, an updated version of his polyphonic synth for the iPad.

Shape is a 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that lets you draw the shape of the oscillator waveform.

The update adds Ableton Link support, enhanced synthesis capabilities and more.

Here’s what’s new in Shape Synth 4:

  • Completely NEW user interface.
  • Adding Ableton Link support.
  • Adding a second oscillator.
  • Adding oscillator mixing modes (add, sub, mul).
  • Adding full ADSR for HFO and LFO.
  • Adding direction setting for second half of waveform.
  • Adding a third LFO mode, duty cycle.
  • Adding tempo sync option.
  • Adding ability to preset the tape loop length.
  • Adding stereo channel to delay.
  • Adding filter type setting (low, band and high pass).
  • Adding option of more controls to accelerometer data.
  • Adding tape sync option to sequencer.
  • Adding euclidean rhythm to sequencer.
  • Adding a few synth presets.
  • Changing midi cc structure.
  • Adding in app help.

Shape Synth is available for US $1.99 in the App Store.

4 thoughts on “Shape Synth 4 Updated With Ableton Link, Expanded Synthesis Capabilities

  1. Can’t believe this is all in one free update. Boggles the mind.

    This actually a universal app. Started life on the iphone (3GS?) and never went away!

    1. Hi, dev here, I made the first version on shape synth almost 5 years ago. At the time I had an iPod touch 2nd generation only and an old nokia phone, but yeah I think 3GS was the latest iPhone then. How time flies. 🙂

      Cheers synthtopia also for the post, really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Very fun app. It doesn’t appear to support audio in the background however. Would be a nice future update.

    1. It just doesn’t have a dedicated settings switch for it. If you insert it into Audiobus, it’ll run in the background just fine.

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