New App, Soft Drummer, Turns Your iOS Device Into A Virtual Drummer

soft-drummer-ipadDeveloper Luis Martinez let us know about a new virtual drummer iOS app from LumBeat music software, Soft Drummer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Soft Drummer is the closest thing to a pro session subtle drummer in your pocket.

Easy to use and fast, it’s much more than a drum machine because it can improvise musically with the most pure acoustic drumming sound, played with brushes, hot rods and hands, giving warmest grooves for jazz, soft pop, ballads, latin, etc…

And it’s got Ableton Link, so it can synchronize to most pro iOS music apps. 

Here’s the official video intro:


  • 50 multilayer sounds, with 3 different hit types (ghost note, accented note and drag / open ) x 3 RoundRobin alternating samples.
  • Improved Jam algorithm with more control to set which instruments can improvise. (iPad)
  • Round Robin alternating samples, combining 3 layer samples of each stroke makes a extremely natural sound.
  • Random generators to get creative ideas instantly.
  • 4 Effects including Compressor/Gate, Equalizer, Delay and Reverb.
  • Song Mode. Extra fast tool to create rhythmic structures for your song in seconds.
  • Ableton Link Audio sync
  • Midi Sync by
  • Control several parameters with midi Control Change and Program Change.

MIDI Controls:

Midi Note G2: Play / Stop
Midi Program Change: SoundSet
Midi CC 0: Bank
Midi CC 7: Master Volume
Midi CC 11: Swing
Midi CC 32: Rhythm
Midi CC 91: Reverb Gain

— Live Pad Midi Controls:
C3 to G3 : Select Pad
C2: Fill
D2: Fill for the next Pad change
E2: Fill for every Pad change
A2: Fill & Start / End.

– Song Mode Controls:
Midi Note A2: Preview Song
Midi Note D2: Next Song
* Double press to edit a part or song
* Long press to move parts or songs

Pricing and Availability

Soft Drummer is available now for US $14.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Soft Drummer, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “New App, Soft Drummer, Turns Your iOS Device Into A Virtual Drummer

  1. this app is super sweet, has the dev mentioned anything about audio export yet, I’ve asked on other forums but nobody has mentioned anything?

  2. This is one of several apps by the same developer that take a pretty similar app and just give each its own skin, set of samples and set of presets.

    This one focuses on brushes and the kinds of grooves and fills you play with brushes.

    All of the apps have good samples, carefully made presets and offer good value for practicing along with a stylistically appropriate groove.

    I got a metronome app from them for Android that doesn’t work on my current (amply powerful) android device. There’s no way to contact support — except through facebook or twitter, and there is no way on science’s green earth that I’m going to sign up to either of those services just to get support. So that app’s broken. They don’t seem to do updates, they just keep selling repackaged versions of this app.

    That said, I do like what they do, and the iOS ones seem to work ok. The android one, not so much.

  3. I wonder if this developer could create a unified app (combining all these other apps) and then offer the different sample sets and presets as IAP packages.

    The advantage would be that the developer could keep improving the main app and users could mix & match samples from different sets to escape the usual genre-specific sounds.

    The fills might be specific to each app, however, I think a strong argument could be made for offering the option to choose the “genre” of the fills (with radio buttons), or perhaps even mix & match there as well.

  4. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF IN THE NEAR FUTURE THERE WILL BE MORE RYTHMS (jazz,slow,8 beat,16 beat,etc) for this wonderful i pad app.
    This will be awesome.

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