Free Patch Librarian For Korg Radias


Reader Steven Lipcsei let us know about a free patch librarian that he’s developed for the Korg Radias synthesizer.


  • read/write the original RADIAS Editor’s .rdl files;
  • store more then 256 programs;
  • sort programs by program number, program name, programmer name or comment;
  • set the program category, programmer name and comment on multiple programs;
  • randomize the synthesizer parameters by 10 groups;

The Korg Radias Librarian is a free download from Lipcsei’s site.

Note: It’s a Java application – so Java is required on your computer in order to run it.

4 thoughts on “Free Patch Librarian For Korg Radias

  1. Hi there!

    For your information: I updated the librarian to v2. There are new features and all known bugs fixed.

    New features:
    – improved microKORG, MS2000 and R3 converting;
    – importing/converting microKORGXL mkxlall files;
    – the program randomizer has got 16 groups;
    – a timbre combinator – you can collect timbres to a new program from any in the library;
    – MODSEQ randomizer;
    – the MIDI section has got a “Rescan devices” button – you can resetting the MIDI devices, not needed to restart the librarian (ie. the RADIAS is restarted, USB problem, etc.);
    – the Librarian has got a “Remove duplicates” button – it keep just the first same named programs;

    Bug fixes:
    – the vocoder patches are more better converted;
    – the TimbreCombinator section’s bug is corrected. Now the right timbre’s assigned ARP/SEQ is moved from source to TESTProgram.
    – the R3 and microKORGXL patches are did not stayed in RADIAS memory after power off even thought you wrote it. Now it’s solved. There is a button on Library Import/Export tab to correct that mistake in the old libraries, so you don’t need to reconverting the imported programs!

    The LiPI’s RADIAS Librarian can use on ALL OS (all Windows, all MAC, etc…) 🙂

    The librarian is still free/donationware downloadable from

    Thank you!

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