Behringer DeepMind 12 Custom Patches

This video, via GEOSynths, demos Behringer DeepMind 12 custom patches.

The video showcases the DM12’s strengths as a pad synth and more.

He notes, “It really is a very good and fun Synthesizer to use, very powerful and of course, having those 12 Analogue Voices is great.”

The Behringer DeepMind 12 is now shipping in limited quantities, with a street price of about $1,000.

15 thoughts on “Behringer DeepMind 12 Custom Patches

  1. Maybe it’s my poor old ears, but I wish folks taking the trouble to do these would gain-stage their microphones not to be ‘way below the level of the synth. Inaudible dialogue -> raise level -> get blasted out by synth. Nice demo of this killer synth.

    1. I was actually using a Zoom H2N for the Voice Over, as I recorded the DeepMind using Adobe Audition…I should have set up my main Mic, but just wanted to do something quick…but will take note for the next video 🙂

  2. sounds damn good

    i can definitely hear the Juno DNA in there too…

    also getting a distinct 90s vibe from it, im guessing the “juno+multi-fx” sound was used quite heavily in that era

  3. Man it`s amazing how weird it feels. I never liked Behringer cause of the “cheap” factor. So even when i see this i am like “mmmhh too good to be true for the price” and still i am hesitating to buy one. I will wait for the first user experiences. One has to admit that is sounds pretty awesome. And when you weigh in the price it sounds even more awesome. Pad at 6min 20sec is to die for

  4. Sounds lovely. For me, it’s this or the Prophet 08 (I have a Mopho and love its sound). Anything other similar competitors in this price bracket? Anyway it’s a moot point as (a) I have no space for another keyboard, so would have to be ’08 desktop or DM12 desktop if it comes out, and (b) I just got my dream Sub 37 and have 2 years to pay it off!

  5. Very lovely demo. I enjoyed the pads sounds and its nice to see this much talked about synth in the wild and sounding rich and “deep”. 🙂

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