Days of Delay Theremin + Synth Jam Session

Sunday Synth Jam: Cyrus Ashrafi (Days of Delay) shared this live performance at Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, Germany. 

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Here is a 6 minute video taken from a concert of my ambient project “Days of Delay” at a Sunday at “Golden Pudel Club” in Hamburg, Germany. Normally I do ambient-performances but in this club I tried to experiment with various beats and a midified Theremin, which drives a software-synth (Monark).

I used an iPad Air with Lemur for remote-controlling Ableton Live. Also, Borderlands was used, although you don´t hear much of it in the video. Other stuff used was a QuNexus, Korg MS20 mini, Arturia Beatstep and a Korg PadKontrol.

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