Peter Vogel CMI Pro Update Adds New MIDI Engine

Peter Vogel Instruments has updated CMI Pro, the iOS version of his classic Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument).

CMI Pro features 500+ CMI Series II sounds and 100+ Series III soundss. The app also includes the famous ‘Page R’, which was the world’s first screen-based rhythm sequencer.

The update brings a new MIDI engine, support for Bluetooth MIDI, CC controllers, Bluetooth audio and more.

Here’s what’s new in CMI Pro version 2.3:

  • A new MIDI engine allows connection via the most common Virtual MIDI protocol – OMAC/MidiBus
  • Tapping the on-screen keyboard’s MIDI display brings up a MIDI control panel that allows you to turn on and off all the physical and virtual MIDI inputs, and allows you to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE MIDI) devices.
  • Now responds to a few MIDI continuous controllers:
    • modulation wheel input: controls vibrato (LFO)
    • controller 7: main amplifier gain
    • controller 10: pa
  • Now responds to MIDI MMC messages if a song has been loaded in Page R:
    • START: starts playing the song from the beginning
    • STOP: pauses song playback
    • CONTINUE: continues playing from where it paused
    • note that although MMC messages are processed, CLOCK IN is not used. The CMI app can not yet synch to an external clock source.
  • Experimental – sends MIDI MMC messages if a song has been loaded in Page R:
    • START: when the song starts playing from the beginning
    • STOP: when the song pauses song playback
    • CONTINUE: when the song continues playing from where it paused
    • CLOCK: (yes, much requested) a standard MIDI 24-ticks-per-quarter-note clock is output while the song is playing.
  • Audio output via Bluetooth
  • Various bug fixes

Pricing and Availability

Peter Vogel CMI Pro is available for US $49.99 in the App Store.

Note: Do not buy this if you have already bought the Vogel CMI App, because you can upgrade within the app. If you are not sure if you want the pro features, get the $9.99 Vogel CMI App, which can be upgraded.

4 thoughts on “Peter Vogel CMI Pro Update Adds New MIDI Engine

  1. I have the basic version that I upgraded to Pro, and it has not been updated (still version 2.1). So I don’t recommend going that route until it’s been updated…

  2. Peter should instead focus on making a new CMI fairlight, which everyone can afford or least make the software for normal computers as a DAW.

  3. Still to expensive… Who need 8-bit sounding samples and a creepy stone age GUI from the past for that amount of money? Other apps are sounding way better and they have much more possibilities, for less money. Please wake up mr. vogel and follow us into the 21. century…. :-))

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