New Eventide Space Eurorack Module By Ninstrument

Ninstrument’s Chris Blarsky shared a video demo of his Eurorack conversion of the Eventide Space reverb pedal:

Here’s what he has to say about the Eurorack conversion:

“Taking my favorite pedal and converting it over to euro has to be one of the more difficult tasks I have accomplished to date. Something that is as well designed as this Space pedal is, I had to bring all my skill sets in order to really add what I believe is the next level.

If you are familiar with this pedal then I don’t have to tell you that it is already great on its own. But the little CV demon in me would not rest as it was always asking, “what if you could control all of those knobs with CV?”

This has been an ongoing effort for a year or more now, and I finally can say I am happy with how it has turned out!

Pricing and Availability

Ninstrument has not announced pricing or availability info for the Eventide Space Eurorack Module, but you can contact them via their site for more info.

13 thoughts on “New Eventide Space Eurorack Module By Ninstrument

  1. nobody wondering about the MIDI Jacks on the side of the module? in the back they would make some sense..but on the side? That means you can´t put another module next to it…i am wondering how the MIDI cables could fit between the module next to it (in the video)…
    respect for putting the Space into Eurorack but……the MIDI Jacks…nonono. maybe i missed something?

    1. so far as I can tell,It’s a mod, not a new product; the MIDI jacks are on the side because it is still the same hardware as the standard pedal, just with some additional circuitry patched on to map the CV inputs on to the knob inputs

  2. Ninstruments has a thread about this on Muff’s, he said he wasn’t going to sell this, as it’s far too much work and just a hack, that eats 600mA from your precious +12V rail, and far too much real estate in HP.
    Instead, Eventide is working on Eurorack products that have much more chance to see the light of day (or rather the leds of the power bus boards 😉 ), as well as Strymon…
    This is a wonderful conversion but don’t open your wallets yet, it’s a one shot he made for himself. (at least 10h of work just to desolder all the pots and jacks, chances to brick your precious Space, etc. He would be completely out of his mind to offer such a product, especially considering the number of people who’d want this. It would basically be unaffordable…

    1. Well, I am doing a very small run because there are some very insistent people out there:) But Like Costo said, this is a very time consuming process and almost a ridiculous enterprise to any sane manufacturer. And so accordingly will be the price. These converted mods will cost at least $1K shipped, based on the numbers I currently have. I have a list going though so if you are interested, please contact me on my site. And be prepared to be patient, I am NOT rushing these. But they are going to happen!

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