Free M-Audio Venom Patches Show Off Its ‘Analog’ Side

Synthesist Paul Mehlhaff has shared a free patch library, designed to show off the ‘analog’ side of the M-Audio Venom

“I wanted to make this demo to show off the versatility of the M-Audio Venom,” notes Mehlhaff. “Most fans are familiar with it’s edgy, gritty, dance and industrial sounds. These are great sounds themselves and really set the Venom apart as a unique sounding instrument, but I wanted to show that the Venom is capable of much more versatility, like beefy vintage synth sounds, colorful digital sounds, softer sides like pads, and even electric pianos.”

“I decided to share these presets since the M-Audio Venom has a very small sound library,” he adds. “Venom users deserve more sounds!”

Mehlhaff has shared the sound library as a free download (.sqb file), featuring 33 single presets for the Venom. You’ll need the Vysex editor to load the sounds. If you run into issues, see the comment thread on Mehlhaff’s video on Youtube.

5 thoughts on “Free M-Audio Venom Patches Show Off Its ‘Analog’ Side

  1. Can anyone compare the Venom with the Akai – Miniak , or the Novatio – UltraNova ?

    Also – does anyone use the digital audio output of the Venom in preference over the analog output ?

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