4 thoughts on “Arvo Pärt’s ‘Solfeggio’ For 4 Korg ARP Odysseys

  1. Fascinating – but perhaps might have expressed the original intent more if there had been an actual quartet playing simultaneously, and the interaction between their tone and pitch recorded in real space and time. Multitracking loses some important aspects of how the sound of instruments in an acoustic interact tonally.

    1. Unfortunately, I can only afford one such instrument, so I don’t have the luxury of that option. My videos predominantly deal with the concept of doing more with less, partly for the benefit of other financially limited musicians such as myself, but also to illustrate the point that you don’t need much, in terms of ‘gear’ or sounds, to create a worthwhile piece of music. It’s not intended to represent the “original intent” of the piece, as I’ve no understanding of what that is, or of the composer’s thinking, only of what I personally can appreciate and relate to in the music – that’s about the only genuine reason I can see for a ‘cover version’, outside of a cynical cash-in.

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