Polyend Poly MIDI-to-CV Module Demo

Polish gear startup Polyend has released a video featuring electronic musician Robert Lippok and the company’s Poly, a polyphonic MIDI to CV converter module.

The Poly module boasts “all kinds of MIDI inputs.” Users can connect their computer, smartphone or tablet to the module’s USB port, their class-compliant MIDI controllers via USB Host, and all the other devices via the classic MIDI DIN port.

A wide array of analog outputs give the user the flexibility to hook up a number of different types of modules. Eight rows of Gate, Pitch, Velocity, and Modulation allow the user to freely control synth and drum voices.

Poly is also MPE compatible.

Poly module users can choose among three modes: First, Next and Channel. First and Next modes are designed for playing Eurorack synths with an external controller.

First mode allows you to trigger one module with your first press of a key on an external controller and while still pressing the first key, you can then trigger a second note from the next connected synth.

Next is Poly’s polyphonic mode, which allows the user to trigger the same note across all connected synthesizer modules.

Channel translates the data received from MIDI channels 1-8 directly into the corresponding CV channels. Polyend explains that this mode is what most users will employ to connect DAWs or external sequencers. If the user wants to utilize MIDI Notes instead of Channels, one can flip the rear dip switch on the model, “and you’re ready for action.” 

Pricing and Availability. Polyend’s Poly CV-to-MIDI converter is available via the Polyend website, and retails for $399US / €449EUR. For technical specifications or additional information, check out the Polyend site.




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