DMX Krew’s Opal Rhythm Computor Drum Machine

In this video, via FACT, Ed Upton (aka DMX Krew) demonstrates his DIY Opal Rhythm Computor Drum Machine.

Upton has been making acid, electro and IDM since the early ‘90s, for including Aphex Twin’s Rephlex, Legowelt’s Strange Life and, more recently, Hypercolour.

When Upton’s favorite drum machine, an ultra rare RSF SD140, was stolen, he couldn’t find another one. So he learned how to solder and designed and built his own drum machine, The Opal Rhythm Computor, and filled it with sounds created with his Roland Alpha Juno synthesizer.

via Edeltraud

16 thoughts on “DMX Krew’s Opal Rhythm Computor Drum Machine

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful DIY build. I’m absolutely astounded by what people can bang together in the corner of their living room these days.

  2. He had a specific thing he wanted then saw it through to completion. That’s admirable!!

    Not my cup of tea, but impressive to see someone learn a bunch of skills to make his dream machine.

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