Modal Electronics Updates 002, 008 Synthesizers

Modal Electronics today announced updates to its 002 & 008 lines of synthesizers.

The new OS update for the Modal 008 / 008R, contains a number of new features and improvements, and the 002 / 002R / 001 OS is getting a smaller update.

Here’s what’s new in 008:

  • Class-Compliant USB-MIDI host support: Class-Compliant USB-MIDI devices (such as USB-MIDI keyboards) can now be plugged into the USB-A host port on the back of all 008’s and 008R’s, allowing for computer-free USB-MIDI setups. Both MIDI in and out is supported here.
  • Clock Sync Auto Mode: Allows the synth to automatically sync to an external MIDI clock if detected, else sync to the internal clock.
  • Digital IO board Legacy Output Mode: Allows the audio outputs of the Digital Input/Output Expansion Board to hard-pan each voice like with the original 008 output board.
  • A number of important bugs fixes and stability improvements

To update, connect your Modal synth to your network and click ‘Update’ to get the new OS versions.

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