Expressive Organelle

Synthesist Mark Harris shared this video demo of using an Eigenlabs Eigenharp to add expressive control of a Critter & Guitari Organelle.

The Organelle is an instrument that pairs a powerful synth engine with a minimal button-key keyboard. 

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

This is a technical preview of my MEC application allowing an Eigenharp to be used directly with an Organelle, to allow a more expressive interface.

The aim was simple, add more expressive possibilities but to keep the portability of the setup, something that can be taken out and about and enjoyed. No computer required 🙂


– I’m running off a USB battery with a 9v converter, which would last 12-20 hours depending on usage.
– MEC will work with any Eigenharp controller – Alpha, Tau or Pico, and runs on Mac, Linux (x86 and ARM)
– Pico and Axoloti are both bus powered off the Organelle.
– Axoloti is running an MPE enabled patch, sound is sent to Organelle via a small patch cable.
– The Pico would typically be held in the hands, and also features breath control… but was a bit difficult to film, so sat it on a table.
– Sound is recorded directly on the camera, all effects are from either the Organelle or Axoloti.

Details on the Organelle are available at the C&G site.

One thought on “Expressive Organelle

  1. This sounds amazing! Very sophisticated use of the Organelle Pico, and Axoloti to create a very expressive sound. Looks like it was fun to make.

    The Pico looks like it has some nice features for a little controller with breath input.

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