Korg Intros minilogue PG Synthesizer

Korg today introduced the minilogue PG, a ‘polished grey’ color variant for its minilogue synthesizer.

The minilogue PG features the same synth engine as the minilogue, but with a smooth grey panel and a dark ash-finished rear wooden panel.

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The minilogue offers a four-note polyphonic analog synth engine, unique signal path, 200 editable presets, a 16-step polyphonic note and motion sequencer and a Voice Mode that lets users choose how the four voices are configured.

In our Korg minilogue review, we stated that “WIth the minilogue, Korg has set a new standard for affordable polyphonic analog synthesis.” Time has borne that out, making the minilogue one of their most popular introductions in years.

Many readers would like to see Korg put out a ‘maxilogue’ – a variant with a full-size keyboard. We’ll have to see what the company introduces next month at the 2018 NAMM Show.

Pricing and Availability

The minilogue PG will be available December 1st for $499.99.  See the Korg site for details.

29 thoughts on “Korg Intros minilogue PG Synthesizer

  1. PPG – powder polished grey? How about 8 voice Polyshed Grey ?
    Love Korg, but since Tatsuya left, it sounds to coloured to my ears…

  2. I was hoping this would be a Subsequent37-style update to the Minilogue, specifically adding the Monologue’s filter. The Minilogue, for all its merits, never quite sold me on the sound, whereas the Monologue had me the moment I heard it.

      1. My thought exactly, who cares about the colour of the panel? It’s the colour of the filter that we care about!!

        KORG knew that needed fixing, and to their credit, they did fix it for the Monologue.

    1. An updated Minilogue with higher voice count, MPE, and with dual filters in either parallel or serial would be killer.

  3. yay my parents will finally let me watch the minilogue now that it’s PG!

    how about 2 osc’s per voice so we can detune while playing chords?

    this color way does look nice though.

  4. I want one in hot pink so I can put Hello Kitty stickers on it. Nah, I can’t fault Korg for offering a classier front end. Some like a clean starship-bridge rig, some like a rainbow effect. Blue & red case options are often pretty boss. I like wood panels, too; they class things up old-school. I’m with those who’d like an 8-voice version with a longer keyboard. It seems like a natural progression for a snappy design.

  5. Its pretty good looking, i too sprung for a monologue but the minilogue sounds really nice and full to my ears. I wonder if Korg will take a whole new direction and surprise us with new gear maybe collaborating with somebody like Bastl for example or if they will milk the current gear and do volca mkiis etc etc.. Having talented inspired designers team up with big companies seems like not a bad formula if it makes inovative things in a cost effective way mmhmmf

    1. Korg + Bastl would be awesome. I don’t think people give Roland enough credit for partnering with Studio Electronics on the SE-02; I really hope that formula gets copied.

  6. People get mad at stuff like this and that the roland sp-404 has had nothing but cosmetic changes in 15+ years, but I think it’s just manufacturing 101. Korg probably bought umpteen million minilogues for $5 each from China and they need some lame excuse to spike sales again.

    I am about 1000% certain Roland has a warehouse full of original 404’s they’re powder coating a slightly darker shade of gray and adding an ‘A’ to.

  7. would have been nice if they had bothered to fix that noisy cheap $2 buck delay chip with another more appropriate one that didnt cripple it. Lazy. But hey who needs delay just turn it off i guess. Shame tho opportunity lost.

    New color is cool

  8. Dear Korg,

    Please port the MTS microtuning support in the Monologue to the Minilogue and issue a firmware update with this change so I can play them together. Thanks. Also please include full keyboard MTS microtuning support in all of your synthesizers going forward and I will love you forever.

    With this grey thing, why not teal and dark cherry red and forest green and pumpkin? Not kidding. Really. Do that. Thanks. You can thank me later. Or hire me as a consultant. I got lots of ways to massively improve sales and the bottom line, and the skills to get it done. I’ll even show you which specific hardwoods and stains look coolest with each of the color schemes I mentioned, and text silkscreening colors that look great while maintaining optimal legibility.

    1. When I see teal I think of Windows 95! The microbrute had it didn’t it……with white knobs……an acquired taste……it was different

  9. Hmm actually it could be a cool idea, that the end-user could customize a color directly from Korg.

    So, you could example choose neon-pink or lemon-green

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