Elektron Delays Digitakt OS Update To 2018

Elektron today announced that it is delaying its Digitakt OS update into 2018:

As we approach the end of the busiest year in Elektron’s history, we regret to inform you that, despite tremendous effort, we will not have the new Digitakt OS ready until next year.

We’re sincerely sorry for the inconvenience, and we’re working hard to get it done.

We will keep you posted on the development in the new year, and hope for your continued patience and understanding.

16 thoughts on “Elektron Delays Digitakt OS Update To 2018

  1. I really sincerely hope no one actually thought they would release an update before 2018.

    If you did, I have some really hot stocks and bonds for you to invest in. Let me know, I’ll be happy to also take your money!

    1. Machinedrum, Octatrack, Analog Four and Rytm owner here. Over the years I’ve had these machines, Elektron often announce updates for the end of the year. More often than not they meet that promise.

      The updates are often very substantial and packed with new features. You should take a moment to look at the release notes for some of the previous updates they’ve released. In particular the Analog Four. Incredible the extra value added to that machine since its initial release.

      On top of this they continue to release updates for instruments sometimes for as long as 10 years. Case in point the recent Conditional Trigs update for the Octatrack. The new Digitakt OS is obviously proving a challenge to them and they want to get it right. Hence the delay.

      At least they released an apology. This is more than most companies would do.
      Anyone remember the DSI Tempest petition? Look that up if you haven’t.

      Anyways, given their track record, and certainly when compared to almost any other synth manufacturer, Elektron haven’t given anyone any reason to believe they would not release an update before 2018. But they have done quite an incredible amount already this year.

      It’s too easy to just sit here and moan and shit all over their reputation. Much better to take note of past updates and know that when the updates do arrive, they will have been worth the wait

    1. quite serious midi bug causes frequent hangs, not worth risking in live sets yet 🙁 Quite poor Test/QA from Elektron, its muddied their brand and pissed a lot of buyers off tbh

  2. Yeah, what will the update do besides fixes. Any improvement would be a massive improvement to an already solid box. Maybe they could add an additional LFO or something that makes it easier to go granular? Hopefully its not a bunch of Overbridge stuff.

    1. I REALLY REALLY want to get rid of their crappy sounds to make room for more of my own, so that’s #1 priority.

      I thought the dataline demos I watched had more filters than just low and high pass.

      Not sure if they haven’t added the trig conditions yet or I just haven’t got in the menu yet to figure out how to work it (when I turn the trig conditions knob nothing happens).

      Mine definitely freezes on save from time to time. Especially when I fill up a lot of the ram. It does save, says “save ok” then freezes and I have to power off and on.

      1. update to the lastest os and it’s more stable. The trig conditions are definitely there, {but you have to hold the note as you select which trig condition}. If you’re filling it up too quickly, with samples, you probably want an octatrack. it’s great for what it is, {a lesser octa designed for drum samples}, especially considering the price ~ flexibility.

    2. Ok, rereading my 4am comment and I sound angry, which I’m not, I love my digitakt.

      Played with the trig conditions, got them to work.

      Their sounds aren’t crappy, just useless to me, I mean c’mon it’s a sampler, unlock its power for me please.

      And my other comments stand. My New Year’s resolution is be nicer when I leave comments. Cheers, everyone.

  3. Well, what’s missing a little bit is more filter types.
    I would have liked a chorus but that’s clearly not gonna happen (for obvious reasons).
    But new filter types (bp, notch, peak), or an additional LFO, wouldn’t break the workflow as it is and would add some nice possibilities.

    The last updates were mainly bug fixing, so let’s hope!

  4. Elektron is pretty bad at releasing unfinished gear these days. Overbridge took over a year for a somewhat stable experience and digitakt and Octatrack MK2 were a total mess at release.
    However, they always follow through and fix what they can eventually.
    The lesson is don’t be their beta tester. I bought one newish unit and learned my lesson but as long as people preorder their stuff, I see no reason for them to change. In fact, it is the new standard for most companies to release gear with issues ranging from annoying to critical as people still line up screaming “take my money!” Fine if your a hobbyist, not so fine if you use it to make a living.

  5. what this really means is soon they will introduce the Digitakt Mk2 in gray, like when they reissued the Octatrack and released the Mk2 just weeks later! 😉

  6. I love my Elektron gear (including the digitakt) and I will be especially stoked once they fix the DTs Program change bug that keeps it from playing nice with the other Elektron boxes.

  7. I love my digitakt. Only had it a few days and it’s my first elektron box. I’ve been lusting after an octatrack for years. The dt is a gateway drug for me. I’m sure the dt is a bit more simplified but I am surprised at how easily I’ve been able to grasp the workflow. Especially after reading for years about how difficult it is.
    I think my brain just clicks with it somehow. So now I’m definitely looking forward to grabbing an octatrack and prob an a4 down the line.

    One question. Does anyone else’s Dt act weird when live recording? Like I do a 1 bar count in then go to live record and it’s like the sync is off or something. Idk it’s weird.

    Anyway. I love this thing so much!! Haven’t been this happy with a piece of gear in a long long time !!!! I’ll be at work fantasizing about what I’m gonna do with it when I get home.

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