New iPad Sequencing App, Sequle

Developer Jouni Erola has release a new iPad app, Sequle, designed for MIDI sequencing, based on musical scales.

Erola says that Sequle is designed to be ‘a great tool for all kind of irregular and regular sequencing’, adding that it lets you work with sequences in ways similar to what’s possible with modular synth step sequencing & math modules. 


  • Ssix tracks with note lengths, velocities and transpose.
  • Tracks can have individual pattern lengths and speeds.
  • Song mode
  • Minor and major scale and global transpose.
  • It can be clocked either internally or from MIDI clock.
  • Use note length and velocity to create rhytmical melodies.
  • Vary pattern length to create polyrythmic sequences.
  • Works with Camera Connection kit and most USB->MIDI converters.
  • Free to download and try (In-App purchase to unlock the full version)

Pricing and Availability

Sequle is available now free download to try (limited playing time). An In-App purchase unlocks the full version.

25 thoughts on “New iPad Sequencing App, Sequle

    1. App developer here. Crashes on startup? Oh no! Did you try launching it again? What iOS version / device did you use?

      The in-app purchase price depends on country but in euros it is 5.49€ and in US-dollars should be 4.99$.

      I hope you get the app running, I try to find the crash logs from apple site when they are available for developer.

    2. Ian: I tried to find the crash from app feedback data, but I cannot find single crash for any of the installations. If you encounter this again, could you check that you have allowed App Store diagnostic data to be sent to Apple so I can see what happened?

      I tried clean install on my iPad mini 2 and it didn’t crash at startup.

  1. Working pretty well for me. iPad Air 1. I only had it controlling Lorentz and FM Player , and it ran pretty smoothly. This could end up being a lot of fun. Very simple and easy to use. Purchased!

    1. prlj: Phew! I was worrying there was some widespread issue. And thanks for the comment – that’s what I’m after! I really wish my app would help people to have fun and interesting tunes!

      And everyone else if you have any issues / ideas / bugs / whatever, send feedback thru my the support web-page (

  2. Hello Jouni,
    What a fabulous sequencer.
    Thank you very much.
    I look forward to your updates.
    May I offer you a few areas to think about for future versions?
    Background audio (although in this case it must be MIDI).
    When I switch out of it the sequencer stops playing.
    Ableton Link ( a must!)
    An ability to save and recall songs
    Track muting potential in song chain mode
    It is a very, very nice sequencer.
    Thank you

  3. Actually, here’s my wish list:

    -transposing the sequence with a keyboard
    -chromatic grid/piano roll (scrollable)
    -Midi CC track

  4. I have tried to purchase “but full” and seems to process through App store. But never shows up that I have purchased it on cfg screen and I can’t get any sound?!

      1. Yep. It won’t acknowledge that I have purchased the full app. That is main concern; the app doesn’t change to recognize this in any obvious way.

        I have used other sequencers/synths, but the interface of this app is perhaps too clean?

        I will work it out, but I shouldn’t have to …

        1. There’s one version submitted to Apple for review which removes the purchase buttons when purchased. Sorry for the confusion!

          I’ve tried to keep the app really clean and bare so that it’s fast to use in live performances.

  5. Good stuff. Congrats on the release, Jouni.

    My initial wish list items are similar to the ones noted above. CC track is always handy (in addition to velocity). Keyboard transpose is always welcome but it might also be cool to be able to use track 6 as the transpose source with a very very slow clock division.

    Probability would also be welcome. Both for note triggers and for looping. So you could, say, set a pattern to be 16 steps long and set a loop trigger on step 8 with a probability of 50%.

    I’m mostly happy without a chromatic mode but it’s needed for drum tracks since most drum machines (hardware or software) lay out the sounds either chromatically or in GM format.

    And a weird but maybe fun one: allow the different track properties to have independent lengths. With this you could, say, set the notes to 8 steps and the velocity to 6 steps. On each loop of notes, you’d get a different rhythm. Polymetric good times!

    1. Will! Oh man, such a list of good ideas. I can promise already that some on these goes to top of TODO list.

      Thanks alot!

    1. Really sorry for this. However I think I should get startup crashes logs from Apple too. I have to investigate.

      Could you try reinstalling the app?

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