XotoPad MIDI Controller For Windows Tablets Updated

FeelYourSound has released version 2.7.0 of the MIDI multi-touch software XotoPad.

XotoPad turns any Windows tablet into a flexible MIDI instrument controller, and can be used to replace your MIDI keyboard while traveling, as a remote for controlling the mixing section of your DAW and more.

New in XotoPad 2.7.0:

  • New pad mode: Pitchbend.
  • Scale wizard, keyboard wizard, isomorphic wizard: Add pitchbend and mod wheel to final page, if desired.
  • Pads can span multiple rows and columns now. Click on “Edit -> Pad -> Size..” to change the amount of columns and rows a pad occopies.
  • New setting: ‘When calculating scale notes in “Load special pages”, use sharps only’. When this checkbox is unchecked, new scale keyboards and chord pages will calculate and display flats as well.
  • Bugfix: Replace current page title when loading a preset page.

XotoPad works with any MIDI enabled DAW and also includes a built-in audio engine with its own soundset.

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availabilty

Xotopad is available for 35 € / $39. The update is free for current users.

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