New Interview With Wolfgang Flür Of Kraftwerk

The latest episode of the The StageLeft Podcast features Wolfgang Flür of Kraftwerk.

Flür talks about his time in Kraftwerk, why he has given up drumming, his more recent work and more. 

You can listen to the interview below or via The StageLeft Podcast site.

Interview Summary:

A Godfather, pioneer, and visionary of electronic music, Wolfgang Flur is this episode’s very special guest on The StageLeft Podcast

From his time with Kraftwerk – cited by David Bowie as his favourite band, to his solo work and collaborations. An artist who began his beginnings with a band who would influence generations to come with their music, and on stage distinct uniformity, Wolfgang Flur breaks free with an open and frank discussion of his singularity and individualism. Wolfgang discusses creativity, how being lucky in love keeps him young, and the difficult transformation from being a Keith Moon-esque drummer, to his own evolution as Kraftwerk percussion/ drummer.

his interview is as much about the man as his music, and he talks passionately about his upbringing, the fascinating, almost pre-destined moment of finding a drum set in the school basement, and how playing in the rubble and bombsites of post-war Dusseldorf shaped his future. He gives an honest and compelling insight into the inner dynamics of Kraftwerk, how he looks to the future based on his own endeavours, and the emotional reunion with Florian Schneider after 30 years.

One thought on “New Interview With Wolfgang Flür Of Kraftwerk

  1. A fantastic interview that’s almost impossible to listen to because of the unbelievably awful recording… obviously the table that the mic/recorder was placed on had a wobble and every time anyone moved or touched the table the inevitable mic noise was picked up…. I just stuck a bit of it into RX to see if it’s salvageable and it is… but in it’s present state it’s dreadful. Such shame because the content is typical Wolfgang gold……

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