Arturia MiniBrute 2S Analog Semi-modular Synthesizer Focuses On Sequencing

Arturia has introduced the MiniBrute 2S – a keyboard-less version of the MiniBrute 2 that adds an advanced step sequencer.

The MiniBrute 2S offers the same dual-oscillator analog synth engine as the MiniBrute 2, but replaces the keyboard with a ‘triple-layered’ step sequencer and arpeggiator section.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Taking the vast sound design potential of MiniBrute 2 and supercharging it with an advanced, triple-layered step sequencer. Combining Arturia’s legacy of joyful, intuitive sequencers with attitude-packed synthesis, and expanding into the blooming world of Eurorack modular with a comprehensive mod matrix patchbay, MiniBrute 2S will give your music the Brute Factor.

Despite its power, MiniBrute 2S’s massive synth potential remains accessible and fun to use. Thanks to its analog, semi-modular architecture, you have hands-on control of every parameter, so you can oscillators, ride your filters, sync your LFOs, and control your envelopes on the fly to create a sound that’s unique yours, bound only by your imagination.

Open up exciting new possibilities by patching in signals from your modular collection to alter MiniBrute 2S’s sound, or patch signals out to your modular to sequence or shape them from MiniBrute 2S’s myriad controls. With this synth at your command, your creative workspace will become an experimental sound laboratory.

Not only does MiniBrute 2S feature an awesomely powerful, triple-layered step sequencer and multi-mode arpeggiator, it’s also decked out with high quality, pressure and velocity sensitive performance pads. MiniBrute 2S perfectly suits adventurous electronic musicians who feel comfortable dropping the traditional keyboard for a more contemporary interface.

Pricing and Availability

The Arturia MiniBrute 2S is expected to be available In March 2018 for $649. See the Arturia site for more info.

29 thoughts on “Arturia MiniBrute 2S Analog Semi-modular Synthesizer Focuses On Sequencing

  1. So it’s kinda like a Novation Circuit Mono Station? A Minibrute 2 with a Beatstep slapped on where the Minibrute 2 is like a Keystep slapped on. Arturia is really just smashing together existing ideas here. Guessing the 3rd product will deal with a new semi-modular Drumbrute.

    The Novation Circuit Mono Station has 2x oscs, a sub osc, and noise. I dunno, I kinda find the sequencer in the Circuit more interesting and fun. It’s a great machine for sending CV out to other gear.

    At the moment, not too excited with these new Minibrutes. We got quite a bit of synths when it comes to the mono analog market.

    1. I think there are big differences in the sequencer workflow between Novation Circuit and this.
      And does the Novation have a patchbay ?
      Noise there is in the minibrute, just you don’t get a subosc, but fm, ultrasaw and many modulation options.
      I think they did a good job here for sound design and sequencing.

    2. Nothing wrong with smashing together existing ideas if they’re good ones. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. New instruments don’t always need to be revolutionary. Just as long as they are flexible and fun to use 🙂

  2. Drums sound great! I Like the 2S form factor – looks like a lot of fun, but I’ve never really liked the Arturia sound, always seems to have an abrasive quality to it.

  3. That was a lot of music from just two guys there.
    I want to know more about “link” and the what are the things and the side panels for? Looks like a mounting bracket..

  4. I kinda think the sequencer needs more patchable tracks for modulation, not just “velocity” and “pressure”. Imagine the grooves you could make if you could modulate oscillator fm, filter fm, white noise level, cutoff, envelope rates etc within one sequence. Sadly, with the sequencer it has, this is an acid box at best.

      1. More “lanes”. This sequencer can simultaneously modulate pitch and 2 other things. That’s it. I’d like more lanes so I could sequence more parameters simultaneously, internally and perhaps externally.

    1. velocity, pressure and pitch of the sequencer can modulate verything on the ptachbay (wit Y-cables more than one each). What kind of cacophony you want to produce?   😉
      To modulate env rates etc. you’d need a complete modular synth at a much higher price point.

      1. > To modulate env rates etc. you’d need a complete modular synth

        Well, at 2’05” they flash a diagram that clearly shows the sequencer is able to modulate the envelope’s attack and release rates.

  5. $649 for a plastic built is not very attractive. Sounds good ok and plenty of funcionality but most people have this covered already

    1. Roland made that synth really too small to be usable without an editor for iOS or Android. You can’t change knobs without hitting others.

      1. i returned mine for this reason…way too small for expressive knob tweaking for me…especially the pots that were discrete like the octave knob….

  6. I like the functionality and creative ideas here from arturia but I just don’t like the sounds. The harsh sound seems inherent in all their hardware. Everything they make seems abrasive. I like to be able to dial in abrasive sounds if I desire but I dont want it as a constant in the sound structure. I don’t want such a capable machine that takes a great deal of effort just to get a mellow sound.

  7. I think this will wipe the floor with the competition at this price range. I for sure will get one asap. There is not one thing not to like, I mean it is almost overwelming with all the sequencer functionality. Sad that most people in the comments moan about lack of options when there is a truckload of them. Glad to see Arturia supporting the semi modular format.

  8. Part of the probable user base will be those who just want a decent central controller environment, the same as those who take on Ableton and really dig into it. Another part of the base will be people who live to pile up a table with all the gear they can gather, because the more cords you sprout, the cooler you are, right? Ha ha! I’m a ROMpler/DAW type, so going modular looks like a lot of time-suck to me personally, but this is a good design. You know that patch bay is gonna feed a variety of outboard goods. I give a general thumbs-up to working from a more “serious” $500-$2000 BASE device, especially when there is a CV option. You can reach higher if you center on a high-mid-to-high range instrument with more of the trimmings. One person’s “junk” synth is another one’s doorway to big thrills. I predict that this thing will have a good market-cycle run.

  9. Looks like the sequencer output is the “MIDI” section of the patch bay — which means, no using the Minibrute’s internal MIDI-CV converter while also using the sequencer. And quite possibly, no using the Minibrute as a MIDI controller for other devices while using the sequencer (not that it’d be an ideal controller).

    No demos yet of syncing to other gear, or clocking it with irregular clocks from modular sequences.

    While I would prefer the smaller size of the 2S, and I’m looking into Eurorack sequencers right now (to work alongside with, not take over from, DAW sequencing), everything still points to the 2 being the better choice for me.

  10. I can’t decide if Arturia made a brilliant or dumb decision by making the 2 & 2s.

    It may be smart from a marketing angle, being able to appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. But I can’t help thinking it’s kind of dumb to make me pick between a better sequencer or a better keyboard. Why can’t we have both?

  11. This looks fun. I’ve been using a MicroBrute + Monotribe as a dual-osc synth and I could see this replacing that setup.

    I wish it was a little more rack-friendly, I was really hoping to replace my Brute with something rackable that had the same circuits (without going Eurorack).

    As for the harshness of the Brute sound: effects are your friends. I run mine through a Lexicon MX200. Just a little reverb and/or delay is all it takes to tweak the texture and expand the sonic palette significantly.


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