Epic Yamaha DX7 Shootout Pits Hardware Against Software Against Hardware

This video, via Power DX7, is a detailed comparison between the Yamaha DX7 and a variety of DX7 emulation apps, VSTs and hardware.

The video features a side-by-side comparison of six DX7 alternatives:

  • FM Player – This is not a FM synth, but a DX7 sample player.
  • KQ Dixie – This is an iOS app that is design to emulate the DX7 MK1 faithfully, with additional features, like a filter and effect.
  • Dexed – This is a free DX7 emulation VST for your Mac and Windows.
  • Native Instrument FM8 – This is a powerful FM synth VST that can import DX7 patches. It is far more feature rich than Dexed and its a unique FM synth in on its own. For this test drive, the focus is on its DX7 patch compatibility.
  • Arturia DX7 – V: This is a new VST that claims to have faithfully emulated the DX7 MK1, with added features.
  • Korg Volca FM – A hardware FM synth that is DX7 compatible. It has built-in sequencer and an effect as well.

Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Epic Yamaha DX7 Shootout Pits Hardware Against Software Against Hardware

  1. I generally appreciate videos like this – but this one isn’t necessarily looking for the best FM sound, but rather the one that sounds most like a DX7.

    Tediously at that.

    I do appreciate the effort, but you need to be a huge DX7 fan to sit through this!

  2. DXed is good enough and free and runs on a puter not a phone…perfect
    DX V is also great but adds a nice UI and extends the capability

    no yamaha montage FM
    no yamaha reface FM

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