The Synth Stories Podcast

The Ask.Audio Synth Stories podcast focuses on the hardware synthesizers musicians and producers program and play on their tracks.

The latest episode features the modular synth group Lucid Grain, made up of Martha Plachetka, (aka Panic Girl), and Anatol Locker (Ambiosonics & Spheric Lounge).

They’ve just released their debut album, Rise and Fall, where they construct ambient vibes that ‘balance the chaos of continually evolving acoustic worlds’.

The track they discuss was created specially for this episode of Synth Stories and features a wide array of Eurorack modules. 

You can listen to the Synth Stories podcast below, or via its SoundCloud page:

3 thoughts on “The Synth Stories Podcast

  1. Nice i listen to podcasts all day at work and I’m always looking for new ones. Especially hard to find Audio/production/Synth related ones.

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